Tuesday 12 November 2013

You Can Never Go Back

It finally happened.I met a man whose mouth was larger than his penis.

I know that this must sound absurd since men like to think that their penis is larger than life, but believe me, it happened.By the time I uncovered this truth about him, it was too late.Funny thing though, I had known this man for years and this was a new discovery for me.
You see, somewhere along the way of searching for “perfect partner”, I had decided that perhaps finding that lost love from years gone by would be the answer.

Was I ever wrong.

My intention was good and the thought of reuniting with my first love was, oh so romantic, no? Twenty years prior, in the impetuousness of my youth, I had captured the attention of an older boy and we spent years flirting back and forth with nothing ever transpiring.

Now I know why.
Some memories are best kept guarded in the deep recesses of our minds - that place where the innocence of young love lives and still shines brightly.These memories are no longer there for me to draw upon in my future as an elderly woman.They disappeared…gone forever…after only 4 weeks with this man.

His attention became too consuming and concerning. Actually, creepy would be a better way to describe it. His idea of "relationship" was so far from my definition. He had such a warped sense of reality and voiced it at every possible moment.

This was not going to work.

Things fell from his mouth like an uncontrollable case of verbal diarhea. He had no filter and thought he knew it all 'cuz HE WAS THE MAN.

He just didn’t know when to shut up and I couldn’t deal with it, nor did I want to.
So, the inevitable moment arrived when I knew I had to end this. I asked him out to coffee, figuring a public place would be best to do this and we could avoid any sort of scene. I told him that this wasn't going to work, stressing that my life had no room for someone right now due to my responsibilities. I tried to handle it tactfully, making it about me and not him.

I had expected a bit of disappointment but this was a shock.I told him to have a good life and walked away.
Words have a tremendous impact on people. And those words still haunt me.


  1. Some people deserve a donkey punch....over and over.

    1. you are absolutely correct jules!!! needless to say, it was an important life lesson. if only one grows up and the other stays the same, it will NEVER work! xo

  2. whoa! Good for you for breaking things off before it got too entangled. Sounds like a giant douche. Some guys just never get it, do they? Wow.
    I see I missed some posts of yours...how did I miss those? going to check them out now....

    1. beth...you can't imagine! I wouldn't have been able to even create a character like this one! lesson learned though!

  3. Ugh, he totally is NOT worth the pain... I hope his words don't haunt you for long. I made a similar mistake of reconnecting with a lost love at one point.. I blogged about it recently, but let's just say we NEVER spoke again after that encounter!

    1. you can say that again! i'm learning that there are a lot of things and people that aren't worth the pain! his words creep up every once in a while when i look at my life but they hold less and less meaning every time. and I have NEVER spoken to him again after that. Thanks for reading! Just checked out your blog...VERY COOL - love it! I am now on follower...of your blog AND on twitter!! :)