Saturday 23 November 2013

An Award Nomination....for me?!?


So I have been blogging for about four weeks now and I must say, I have met some very cool and interesting people doing this.  One very AWESOME and ROCKING gal I have met, Beth, has nominated my blog the coveted LIEBSTER AWARD...HOW COOL IS THAT???

She has been a wealth of information for a newbie like me and her encourgement has been tremendous!! Beth's blog, Writer B Is Me is full of witty, sarcastic and wonderfully written, keep me smilin', laughing off my seat stories that make you want to hold her hand as she travels down her life's road!

The Liebster Award lives and breathes on the internet and is awarded to bloggers from other bloggers - a great way for new bloggers, like MOI, to get discovered (which is always a PLUS!). Liebster is the German word for "sweetest", "darling" for those of you who were wondering.

Part of this nomination, is I get to share some REALLY random facts about myself and answer the questions put forth by my nominee.  But the fun part is nominating other bloggers for this award and asking my own questions. I have to say, that I am loving this "pay it forward" attitude!

So here we go...some random facts about

  1. I am deathly afraid of birds.  Could stem from the chickens my grandmother had when I was young that used to chase me around her house...not fun!
  2. I sing...ALL the time...don't know if I am any good but I DON'T kids do though and they are thoroughly embarrassed when I start singing a tune while grocery shopping. One of the items on my "must do" list is to sing "FEVER" in a smoky lounge, strewn across a baby grand, all decked out in a sexy red dress! (will let you know when this gig is booked..hehe!)
  3. I have been married twice (I will share more in a future post...all part of the evolution of me!)
  4. Spent a just over a year living abroad after university in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia
  5. I speak 4 languages - English, Italian, French, Spanish - and wish I could speak more!
  6. Art is a passion of mine...can't draw for peanuts but LOVE the history behind it.
  7. Fear makes me want to do things even more.  Yes, I am a bit of thrill seeker but what a rush when you conquer something you have feared.
  8. I am a HOPELESS romantic even though I have SUCKED at love!
  9. I was a Montessori teacher for almost ten years, until my kids were born.
  10. I cry watching anything that tugs at the heartstrings...a sappy movie, the news, a commercial, my kids triumphs. 
  11. My dog is the only species alive that I confide in daily and knows all my secrets...

Beth's questions were they are, with my replies!

1. Have you ever seen a ghost? No, but I would love to!  Someone familiar or famous would be great! 

2. If you had to be one, would you be a vampire or a werewolf? Why? Vampire of course!  They are much more sexy than a werewolf...and really, as a woman, would I really want to deal with all the body hair of a werewolf?
3. If you could play a professional sport, which would it be? Soccer, just for the kick ass calves that come along with it!
4. Switch lives with an actor/ess for a week. Who do you choose?  Penelope Cruz...'cuz her husband is Javier Bardem...'nuff said.
5. Do you have any tattoos? Yup...two.  One on my lower back and the subject of my first blog post and one on the back of my neck (a cross between a heart and the Scorpio sign - signifying the hopeless romantic that I am and my zodiac sign, which is just as hopeless!)
6. Tell me something embarrassing.  Hmm, I have so many to choose from and I think I am doing that through some of my blog posts, no?
7. What's the craziest thing (in your opinion) you've ever done?  The craziest thing I've done?? Hmm, well that would have to be a toss up between rapelling down a 20 story building or doing a reverse bungee (both in Australia);at a time where I had no responsibilities and thought I was invincible!
8. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who? Yes, the most recent one was a couple of years ago, at the O'Hare airport waiting to come home...THE CARS! They were playing in Toronto the next night and we were all waiting for the same delayed plane. 

So, since I am still quite new to this fab blogging community, I have been poking around and looking for other new blogs that tickle me pink over the past few is my list of blogs I think are rockin' and a rollin', new or not...(now it does say 11 but I have read elsewhere 5 is good I choose 8...somewhere in between!)

Lazy Sunday Cooking a great blog with fab photos that will make your mouth water!  I want a seat at her table for dinner! Food afterall, brings people together in the most delicious way!

Beth introduced me to this one and I have to say...I am loving it!  Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy 

Just found a really sweet "new" old blog...redone, revamped and really inspirational Apple Dumplings and Lace...a little bit of girl next door mixed with grace and elegance and inspiration!

Muddle Headed Mamma great blog on motherhood!

And from the male point of view Joe Floggers... love this one too!

The Psych Scrivener a blog that blends Liisa's love for writing and the psychology of the mind

Madeleine of Matilda All Grown Up is a great blog on book reviews! 

Lost In Cheeseland about an ex-pat in France...exactly what I want to do....NOW!
To all my are the questions I pose to you...
  1. What is your guilty pleasure?
  2. Friday night is here...Wine or beer?
  3. What is your biggest regret?
  4. What is your happiest moment?
  5. Would you rather live in the mountains or by the sea?
  6. If money was no object, where would you vacation?
  7. Are you a risk taker or do you play it safe?
  8. It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, do you go the cinema or do you curl up on your sofa and read?
  9. Do you prefer jazz music or the blues?
  10. Have you ever broken the law?
  11. You are moving to a remote, secluded island next week - what would you bring with you?

Once again, a big shout out and HUG to my gal, Beth, who has been a wonderful source of encouragement throughout my short time blogging!


  1. Awesome and well done! Love your questions for the nominees! good ones! I didn't realize you'd done this post....sorry! I've been without a computer for a few days and missed some posts! Thank you for the sweet and generous shout out! mwa! Also, did you let the nominees know they'd been nominated? Not sure if you knew to do that. Otherwise they won't know. If you didn't, just go to their blog and tell them, and give them a link to this post in the comments of their latest post.
    Great nominees, btw! I'll have to check them out...haven't heard of a few of them! Love your answers to my questions, love getting to know you better! You are a brave girl - wow! and 4 languages???? I'm so envious and impressed! You're so cool!
    Okay, heading off to read your most recent post about your kiddos....I have a bunch of catching up to do now that I have my computer back! XOXO

    1. I loved answering your questions!! And I love how this lets other bloggers know who you are and what you are all about! This has been quite the learning process but I am finding that the blogging community is pretty awesome (YOU ARE THE AWESOMEST!!) Thanks for the kind words!!!! xo!!!!