Sunday 17 November 2013

Shaved Legs...again!

And so, there I was, back in the world of dating again and boy had it changed since I last dated.   Gone were the days of men picking up a phone and calling you.  Dating websites provided the platform for brief, yet interesting ice breakers that could or could not lead to something more.

Let’s go back to the Balkan god I mentioned in one of my earlier posts.  He was, for all intents and purposes, perfection.  Tall, dark, slate blue eyes and muscles of steel.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven when we first started chatting online.  He was one of many that I had sent a wink to on the dating website…and he actually replied back!  He was interested, damaged goods and all.    So I said let’s meet.
We did.

And…he made me feel desirable, sexy and interesting! I started to feel good about myself again.

What a night! 
But the night didn't start out with the same good feelings. 

Let’s discuss the pre—work to that night.  It was a challenge.  I had been single for a while and the reality of what my wardrobe looked like hit me hard (including underclothes!)  Crap!  I had nothing sexy to wear! No short skirts or tight fitting tops, just a pair of jeans and tee shirt that I could possibly work with.  The only acceptable lingerie I owned was a black bra and something that very loosely resembled sexy panties (just because they are lace, doesn't make them sexy!)

Then I looked down at my legs, horrified.  I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR A WAX!!!

Did I worry about these things when I was married? Not so much.
And so, I searched for a razor.  I found one nestled behind a whole bunch of other toiletries, tucked away under the bathroom sink. There was a bit of rust on the blade but I was desperate and it was worth the risk.  

I had never seen so much blood before. But whenever I look at these scars, I remember that night, with a smile on my face. 
From ear to ear!
(NOTE to all single women out there...laser hair removal...WELL worth the investment!)


  1. details? Audrey...I need details! Lol. Your posts bring to light just how much trouble I would be in if single again. You would need to take me shopping fer sher. And the consistent shaving again would beat me down so hard....but I guess it's worth it, eh? Or so you IMPLY. GAH.

    p.s. a good hint to engage people and encourage comments is to ask questions of your readers at the end of your post. I read that somewhere in the beginning and always try to do it now, too. And I see all the "big" bloggers do it just about every post. just something to think about. :)

    1. you are the best Beth! thanks for the tidbit! I like to leave things to the imagination...can't give it all away in one post, can I? Another bit of useful info to take into the wide world of dating again...