Thursday 17 April 2014

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

In one of my recent post's, Adam's Rib, I ended it by saying "I am in love with ME". While I have been sharing details of this journey of falling back in love with me through my stories, I have never really thanked the people who have taught me the lessons that brought me to this point.
As I mentioned in my post, Happy Valentine's Day, Now Get Out, watching my two friends say "I do" prompted me to realize I deserved better than what I had allowed my life to become.  SF and KB are a couple I still watch in awe. They compliment each other so wonderfully and not because of all the years they have spent together. There is a genuine understanding and respect between them that I see everyday. It does exist and I know that I can find it when I see them weave their life together. So, thank you to them.
To the Brazilian beauty who taught me that I am my own brand and if I don't take care of me no one else will, I raise my glass. You opened my eyes and made me realize I needed to take care of myself. It's okay to splurge every once in a while on something nice for me. My life is not all about the kids. I am a woman who deserves a special treat now and then. You opened my eyes to see that I am worth the investment.
My Scottish lovely, you taught me life was all about change and that if anyone could embrace it, I could. You pushed me and prodded me to rise to the next level when I was learning a new career. You were tough and demanding and made me cry but you taught me everything I needed to know about achieving success through hard work and determination. Through examples of your own, you showed me I am capable of anything I put my mind too and should never settle for sloppy seconds. You never let me say "I can't".

To the two men who recently have told me they find me intriguing and fascinating. Thank you for that. Thank you for finding that nugget of gold inside me that makes you want to dig some more and get to know me. It is nice to know that new people I meet find me interesting and want to get to know more. We so often hide ourselves in our life, afraid to venture out and see what is outside our doorstep. When we hide, we forget how awesome we are and when you finally jump off the stoop, WOW! 

Mr. S. my biggest cheerleader! Without you I would never have moved forward with my writing. I always had pen and paper in hand and it was only after sharing some of my words with you that I realized maybe I could do more with this. Family always supported and encouraged me but it was YOUR belief in me that gave me what I needed to take that step forward. I am eternally grateful. More than you will ever know.
JT you rock! You stood by my side and let me step outside the box to do something that was for ME, something that took courage and guts to do.  And I did and you talked me through it. Talk about empowering and fun!  Talk about exposing the heart and soul! I learned something about myself. Life happens when you live it. You helped me get there.

KBo you are my rock.  You never judge, you don't try to fix and you make a mean martini. You helped me focus on me which is what I needed to do. We all need that one person that keeps it real and doesn't let you accept defeat. Your strength is amazing and the energy that surrounds you is awesome. Like I said, MY rock.
Thing 1 and Thing 2, without you in my life, I would not have been so driven to create a home. You have taught me to look at the world through your eyes and slow down and that makes me happier than anything. Much of what I do, how I behave, is done to show you that anything is possible. You are my life and through you I continue to become the best ME I can be.
All these people and a whole slew more were the pillars along the road of my journey to now. In some way or another, they helped me take that next step forward.  None of them, not one, has ever made me stumble or fall. They picked me up, kissed my cuts and bruises, brushed off the dirt and pushed me forward. They made life seem possible again and taught me to look inward not outward for true happiness.  
There are so many more that I could thank that touch different parts of my life. 

And that is the point.

You carve the path of your life but it is the people along the sides that cheer you on that keep you moving. They are the people you live with, the people you play with, the people you work with, the community you build. Choose these people carefully. They should be positive and encouraging.  Keep all the naysayers and toxic people at arm's length. It is those people who thwart your growth and suck the energy right out of you.
So every once in a while, we should all take the time to thank the academy of people in our lives that help us be the best we can be.  

Talk to me! Who would you thank in your life for all their encouragement and support? 


  1. Love you to the moon and back. I love having you in my life and everyone should be as lucky :)

  2. I really like this! The list is incredibly intriguing and I think I really like the Brazilian beauty..I think she's right! I also really like the part about keeping naysayers and toxic people at arm's length. Truer words, my friend!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I have learned that everyone you meet shed's some light on your journey through life, you just need to open yourself up to hearing them. We tend to focus on all the negative energy around and it takes a while to see who these people are but once we do, it's like a rebirth! Hugs!