Thursday 10 April 2014

Peeing with the Bathroom Door Open

The early days of any relationship are filled with wonder and intrigue. The honeymoon phase. The part of the relationship where we learn about the other. The time when we make sure our best always shines through first. It is the time where we hide all our perceived imperfections and make sure all conversations are polite and the “je ne sais quoi” keeps each other interested.
Whether it is a blossoming romantic relationship or a growing new friendship, we always put our best foot forward, to draw that person in, to make them want to spend time with you and get to know you better. We keep the interest growing by keeping the mystery ALIVE.
We don’t burp or pass gas. We don’t sweat. We don’t spit. And we most certainly don’t pee with the bathroom door open.
But alas, a perfect world we do not live in. There comes a time when we can say that “the honeymoon is over”. It is the time when we realize that mystery consumes too much time to keep up. That one moment when something “accidentally” slips and opens the flood gate for all other mysterious behaviour to come flooding out. 
Recently, a close friend had surgery and I contacted him to see how he was.  His reply was what I expected since the surgery was a few days before. I knew that he would be uncomfortable and irritable. Men and pain don’t often mix well. What I didn’t expect, and I am not sure if it was the Percocet influence, was his comment, “if I could shit, I would feel a hell of a lot better.” It was then that I knew that the line had been crossed.  The mystery was gone. Our friendship had crossed that line.  We could no longer go back to the days before where mystery prevailed. I now had very clear mental images in my mind.  
The funny thing is that this crossing of the line, this destruction of mystery, brought with it a new level to our friendship. I knew he was comfortable with me after he shared his frustration with constipation.
While mystery keeps interest at the beginning, it is only once it is gone that you know your relationship has transcended to a new more intimate level, a level where being at your finest isn’t a requirement or necessity. It is when you realize that not only can you be with them at their best but you can also be with them at their worst.

So for every man that reclines back in his sofa and lets one go on a Friday night when watching t.v. and for every woman that refuses to shave her legs during the winter months, just remember, in this humble gal’s opinion, that sometimes it really is better to pee with the door closed.

Talk to me! How do you keep the mystery alive in your relationships?


  1. After 30 years of togetherness, my husband has stated that I am just as much as a mystery to him as the first day we married. I just like surprising him.

    1. That is great! Always keep 'em guessing! :)

  2. great post, Audrey. I hope your friend is doing okay!

    I think my husband finds me as predictable as not. I like to keep him on his toes. Or on his back....if you know what I mean and I think that you do. :)

    1. beth i LOVE your comments...I NEVER know what to expect but know that they will absolutely get a chuckle out of me...i am sure your hubby is a very happy man ;) hugs and mush from MOI!