Monday 17 February 2014

Why Starve When You Can Indulge?

Most wintery, Sunday afternoons are spent sitting under a blanket, in front of the television, searching for something to get lost in that will take my mind off the bitter, cold outside.

Old movies, in black and white or technicolour, usually aid in distracting me from the elements outside my window.  I am a sap for these nostalgic, classic films (thank god for Turner Classic Movies!!!) and when watching them, I am filled with a that same old sentiment of being born in the wrong era.

Today, I fell in love with the 1958 film "Auntie Mame", starring Rosalind Russell. It is based on the novel by Patrick Dennis and tells the story of an orphaned boy who goes to live with his aunt.  Now, without going into a plot synopsis, I'm going to focus on the one repeated and most famous line in the film that seemed to guide Auntie Mama's life.  

"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

The character of Auntie Mame is full of life and she is one spirited soul. There is a brilliance about her that shines through her being.  She sparkles and thrives in living her life to the absolute fullest - travelling, throwing elaborate parties, surrounding herself with interesting people and avoiding becoming, what in her mind is absolutely sinful, stuffy and conventional.

Her exuberance is seen throughout the film no matter what life throws at her and I loved it!  Although many looked at her as frivolous and silly, there was a grace and elegance in her character.  She possessed a worldliness that made her endearing.  As I watched this character tell her story, I couldn't help but think that this is how I want to live.  

This concept, this idea, of living life to your fullest is not a new one.  It has been around for decades and both the young and old share this advice with family and friends daily.  If we take a look at history, this is most visible during the 1920's, when decadence and self indulgence was at its peak. In the wake of World War 1, society changed.  People threw caution to the wind and everything seemed possible after years of despair. This new social attitude was a welcome relief to the general populous. But somehow, this outlook on life gets lost after a while, either because of a world disaster or, more personally, because of the everyday BS that fills the hours of our days.  We get sucked into this vortex and forget to "eat".

I want to be more like Auntie Mame, stuffing myself at life's banquet table until my sides burst, savouring every appetizer, delighting in each entree and devouring every single morsel of sinful dessert.  It shouldn't be that difficult to do if we keep things in perspective, if we keep a sense of adventure, if we focus on our own happiness and keep our souls hungry. 

So I think my next life meal will consist of a wonderful appetizer of fun, an exciting entree of adventure and a wanton dessert that tickles my insides. All, of course, paired with an extravagant glass of effervescent champagne...because this girl deserves a glass at every meal.

Every girl needs a glass of bubbly
Photo by Audrey Bresar

Talk to me!  What does your life banquet look like?


  1. I've never seen the movie, but I can definitely relate to the character! I love people who appreciate life like that and I've always tried to adopt that attitude. I can tell you're ready to embrace it, too! You already have.

    1. I am trying to Beth...I really am! Not always easy but I figure the more I do it, the better at it I will become! And for some reason, I have an inkling that you have too! :)