Wednesday 4 December 2013


I have spent the last few days thinking about what to write.

It has been an emotional week for me.  A girl I knew very well in high school passed away.  Taken suddenly, unfairly and so sadly.  She was in her prime -  her life ahead of her, a family who loves her and two small children who need her. 

My heart absolutely breaks for her family.  I cannot imagine the void.

This horrible news made me start thinking about my own mortality.  People always say that you need to live your life to the fullest everyday because you never know what tomorrow brings.  How do we do this when we get bogged down with the everyday minutiae that clouds all the possibilities?  How do we realize all our potential, all our dreams and all our hopes?

We never think that tomorrow will be our last day.  We never think that we should be enjoying today and forgetting about yesterday. 

Perhaps instead of planning our life, we should look at this differently and prepare for our death?  Maybe assuming that there won't be a tomorrow will give us permission to truly and fully enjoy today? 

If we know that our time is limited and we all have an unknown expiration date, will that force us to make walking through this life more interesting? 

A lot of questions and I just don't know the answers. 

But I am going to try to figure them out.


  1. I'm genuinely sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your friend! Terrible. My heart's heavy for her family, too. :(

    These things always make me introspective as well. It's good to use it as motivation. Positivity.

    1. This affected me tremendously. It really does make you think and put things into perspective. Everytime I think about her and her family left behind, I tear up. But it made me sit back and remember what is important. It made me want to break the "unconscious habits" we live everyday. And it absolutely made me want to hug my kids even more than the 100 times a day I do already.