Tuesday 10 December 2013

Dear Santa...

The holiday season is upon us now.  Trees are colourfully decorated, lights shine bright, mistletoe is strategically placed and gifts are tucked away in closets and under beds, hiding from curious eyes.

All letters have been written and sent to that jolly, old man, with the white beard, who resides at the top of the world, in a toy factory.  Every year countless children, eager to make their letter just right, compile a list of things they want and a multitude of reasons why their little souls deserve them.  They place these letters in the post with hope and a dream in their hearts.  Christmas morning arrives and tiny feet charge down stairs and across hallways, to forage under the pines for their treasures. 

So it got me thinking...why not write my own letter?  Couldn't hurt and it would be a way of paying homage to the innocence of my youth and belief in this fabricated man who dons a bright red suit.

Dear Santa,
So what gives?  I've been a good girl all my life and never really wanted anything special.  Yet there are countless letters you have filed away under my name that go unanswered.

There is a lot to be thankful for and not much that I want.  I have two wonderful children whose never ending questions fill my ears and use up a lot of my bandwidth.  I have a wonderful family who keeps me youthful by insisting that I am still a child. And my closest friends have kept me laughing 'til my cheeks hurt or I almost pee my pants.

I have left you homemade cookies and milk every year.  When I ran out of milk two years ago, I upped the ante and left you a nice glass of Bailey's, a tradition that continues to this day.  You must have enjoyed it because unlike the half glass of milk you always left, the shot glass was licked dry.  Hell, I even left food for your reindeer!

Well, this year I have taken another approach.  You won't find me on that damn "nice" list.  I should be right at the top of that naughty list and I am proud of it!!  You see, this year, I put my needs and wants first.  Did things that I wouldn't normally have done.  I stepped out of the box, pushed the envelope and created a new me.  This year was the year of Audrey and I came out soaring!  Yes, it has been one hell of a year and next year will exceed all expectations.  

BUT in light of the Christmas spirit, I still have a list.  A simple list.  One that I am hoping you will be able to help with.

  1. Mornings are troublesome.  Two tired kids that seem to think that they have to wake up fighting.   I need tape.
  2. Bath time...mine, with no one trying to barge in, no knocks at the door, no interruptions.  I need a good lock.
  3. Sitting in front of a computer all day leaves me with stiff shoulders and neck.  I need a good pair of hands
  4. Bedtime is just as troublesome.  Maybe some more tape.
  5. And lastly, I want my life to continue to be filled with love, joy, happiness and lots of hugs and kisses for all...with or without the mistletoe!
  6. (and if you are really feeling generous, a sexy drink of something tall, dark and dreamy would keep my nights warm and make my little heart skip a beat too!)
A girl with a hope and a dream...

Here's a photo of the keeper of all my secrets, in her favourite spot during the holidays...

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