Monday 13 January 2014

The Answer to the Why

When I embarked on this journey of writing a blog, some close friends asked me why?

Why would someone as busy as I am want to commit to writing down my thoughts, my stories, my words on a regular basis for all to see?

Why not, was my initial response but then I started thinking about the real why...

From the time I was a little girl, before I could even write, I have had an active imagination and walked around with pen and paper in hand. One of the first two characters I created, at age 3, were a dog named Schmugo (to this day, I am not sure how it would have been spelled!) and a big guy, so eloquently named BIG GUY.  Stories would run rampant in my mind and I would get caught up in them, scripting my very own daily soap opera.  I wrote love stories, children's stories, funny stories, poetry, pretended to do interviews with famous people and even decided to write my grandparents will for them.  

Writing has always been a part of who I am and somewhere between ages 25 and now, this part of me got lost in the shuffle.  Two divorces, two children and two changes in career made it difficult to keep that part of me alive and vibrant.  In my last post, Follow Me to the City of Love, I described how my trip to France was a sort of self awakening.  While sitting on that bench on Le Pont des Arts, I pulled out a notebook and started writing again.  I wanted to be part of that group of great writers who were inspired in France.  But when I came back home, that notebook got tucked away in my desk. I would tell myself that I would write "next weekend" or "after the kids went to bed" but it never happened.  I was losing what I had found again and it was heartbreaking.

Then last year, I met someone who unintentionally reminded me of that creative part that was so quintessentially me.  I began to put pen to paper again; I began to believe that I could become the author I always dreamed about; I began to feel energized.  This person gave me faith in myself again and my ability to write.  All of a sudden, I was walking the walk and talking the talk and I haven't stopped!  This blog is a result of that.  I want to write and this provides me with the opportunity to write anything I want, to continue to find my voice and to further understand who I am.

Since I have started this blog, I have pulled out those old children's stories, written so many years ago, dusted them off and am in the process of pitching them.  I went back to that novel I started in France and, now,  that notebook stays on top of my desk.  I even started another novel.  Ideas are flowing like a river to the ocean.

So for all those who ask, the answer to the why...because writing is part of every fibre of my being, it puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like the possibilities are endless.

Simple, no?


  1. Ahhh, Audrey, this tugs at my heart a bit. I think we were probably a lot alike as children. I had a crew of imaginary animals, too, and they all had names, personalities, different foods they had to eat, etc. I've always made stories in my head and a wild imagination. It wasn't until I began getting attention for writing in college that I even considered I might be able to actually WRITE. Then the gates were open....ten years later and I've got two novels, this blog, a handful of short stories, and a collection of poetry. Like you, I feel like it's a part of my fibers.

    I am SO happy that someone reminded you of your creative side. It's beautiful, and it needs to be seen by others.

    1. Every once in a while, we need to be reminded about what makes us tick. I am glad I was able to find my way back to what I absolutely LOVE doing. I just wish I could focus on it full time and get lost in all the worlds I create, meet all the new characters I imagine and live my dream 24 hours a day. I envy you Beth!!! hugs!

  2. "While sitting on that bench on Le Pont des Arts, I pulled out a notebook and started writing again. I wanted to be part of that group of great writers who were inspired in France."

    LOVE that line. It's so evocative.

    And your simple answer to 'why?' is just awesome :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! The "whys" in life should always be simple answers...if you are doing what your heart and soul tell you to do, then why not? I am over the moon that I am writing again, I feel alive, I feel wonderful and creating this blog allows me to feed my soul and meet absolutely awesome people like you! ~Audrey