Thursday 23 January 2014

Not A Bucket List

The topic of "bucket lists" has come up quite a bit in the past month.  I see people posting their list on all social media platforms and find them to be quite interesting and entertaining.  What is wonderful about these lists is that we can catch a glimpse into someone's life and see what makes their blood pump, heart soar and minds race.  These lists are anywhere from 2 or 3 items to hundreds of "must do's before I die".  

Although I am the list QUEEN, I have never outlined, item by item, all the things I MUST do before I die. No bucket list for this gal!  The idea of having a list in front of me that is more than 3 or 4 items gives me heart palpitations. You see, I am one of those people who loves to cross items off her list and a list of more than 4 is enough to send me into cardiac arrest.  The longer the list, the more daunting it seems. So, for the past few years, I have operated under the idea of "pick three things every month that take you out of your comfort zone, stretch the imagination and get you out of the mundane".  And I must say, I have been pretty good at finding these and following through with them.  

My list this month was a simple one since it was the beginning of a New Year and making resolutions was the thing to do. Only three items and I did all of them, check, check, check! *huge smile and pat on back*

Let's start with the FUN one.  Right before the holidays a friend of mine suggested we take a class.  What do you have in mind? I inquired.  Pole dancing!  I don't even think she was finished asking the question before I eagerly and excitedly replied, HELL YES, I AM IN!  Two weeks into it and boy, it is a workout like no other I have ever done but SO MUCH FUN!!! 

The class is comprised of mostly beginners and women of all ages (although, I hate to say it, I think Laura and I are the oldest in the class!).  Some can move and some can't.  Some are co-ordinated and some aren't.  I must say, Laura and I are doing pretty good.  I figure this is about confidence and not whether you can dance.  There is something empowering about holding on to that brass pole and walking around it like you own the room. We have two spins down pat - The Firefighter and The Ballerina.  Each class, we combine the spins and choreograph something that is supposed to resemble a "dance".  We try.  We don't always succeed.  However, we do have the bruises to show how hard we work.

Injuries from week 2 - Bruises on both ankles and foot.
Lesson learned is to slow down when starting the swing!

The second item on my list this month was to join a writing workshop.  CHECK!  Every Sunday, a bunch of wannabe children's picture book writers and some published ones, get together at our lovely facilitator's condo downtown and share our stories.  We, as the authors, get to sit back and listen to the feedback and critique.  It was a bit, no, A LOT, intimidating at first, especially after hearing that four of the attendees have previously been published.  It was hard to sit back and listen to someone else read your story aloud and then listen to the critique without being able to defend your work. So far, I have shared two of my stories and the feedback was tremendous. I actually feel like, maybe, just maybe, if the stars are all aligned and the universe co-operates, that I may have a shot at getting my work published.  What a great way to start the new year, no?

Edits and more edits...

Lastly, in line with keeping healthy, I have started working out with a personal trainer, Matt.  He lives in my building and has graciously offered to help me tone up.  The kindness of his offer was so sweet until we hit the gym.  Um, yeah, let's just say, I couldn't sit down without using my hand to help guide me for three days.  He is also on me, everyday, texting and checking to see if I eat breakfast. The scolding I received from this 24 year old for never eating breakfast was one that any mother would have been proud of!  And so, what did I do?  I bought a new toy to help make breakfast easier! He is tough, with a smile, pushes me hard, and I am positive that he will whip my ass back into shape.  

As much as I push to use the 2 lb weight,
Matt insists on 8 or 10!!!
My new toy - the VITAMIX....
breakfast smoothies have never been easier!
And there you have it, three things this month and I can say, "been there, done that and bought the t-shirt".  

What will be on my list for February?  Any suggestions? I'm thinking road trip with the kids - jump in the car and just drive and where we end up is anyone's guess.  Or maybe it's my dream of singing FEVER in a smoky jazz bar, strewn across a baby grand, all decked out in the sexiest red dress ever.  Wine tasting or cooking class? All possibilities....

Talk to me!  What is your number one, top item on your bucket list?


  1. Pole dancing??? You are SO brave! Or insane, I haven't figured out which! And YAY for the writing class! The first time I went to one I swear I thought my heart would pop out of my chest! I'm genuinely proud and in awe of your ability to follow through. Oh, and BTW, I would love to be scolded by a 24 year old....wink-wink.

    1. Bravery and insanity should be synonymous! It is a lot of fun and I am more co-ordinated than I ever thought I was! I've taken writing classes before but this one was a scary, especially since your work is being critiqued. It is a learning experience for sure. And as for the 24 year old, I'm with you on that, can't say I complained too much! He is making a 40 something feel like she is 20 again:)