Monday 28 October 2013

Pivotal Moments

My a-ha moment came when I kicked my ex-husband out.

I have been going through a series of seminars that are geared toward helping me grow in my professional life and the one question that was put forth was “What are the pivotal moments in your life that helped define who you are?”

Easy, peasy…the day I realized that I would be okay if I left him.

So I did. 

Why was I waiting for him to decide if he loved me enough to stay? I took the power out of his hands and put it into mine.

This moment, this single instant in time, gave me the strength I have used to carry me through the past few years.  It was empowering and enlightening.  I knew I would be okay and could do anything I put my mind to.  

And I am okay.

That was the day I decided not to be miserable anymore.  

The day I took control back of my life.  

The day I grew.  

The day I said…I DECIDE.


  1. How did I never see this post? I LOVE THIS. You are more strong than you even realize. I so admire your balls ( mean that in the nicest way) haha!

    1. Thanks Beth!!! My balls are growing every day ( and I mean THAT in the nicest way!) HAHA! love ya!