Saturday 28 June 2014

Love to Travel, Hate to Pack

I love to travel. There is something intoxicating about discovering new places and seeing parts of the world most only read about. 

Tomorrow my kids and I head to the land where democracy, the Olympic Games, philosophy, math, science and drama were born. We will be able to enjoy sun, sand and explore Mt. Olympus, mythical home of the Greek gods.  And I am looking forward to every second of this adventure. 

What I DON'T love is the pre-travel crap that needs to get done before I lock my front door and embark on my journey.  

This past month has proved to be busier than most. On top of all the regular running around, there were a few more items that I added to my schedule. As you read in a previous post, I had decided to redecorate my bedroom. This entailed moving things around, purging and moving furniture. The last item in the big overhaul is painting one more dresser, which will be completed today. I have resigned myself to the fact that the finishing touches will have to wait until I return. 

My day job has been quite busy also. I have tried to cram 2 months work into 1 month to ensure there is no lapse in momentum. Montreal and Chicago were also added to my agenda as meetings were booked. There was a point where I thought I wouldn't get it all done but I prevailed and everything should run smoothly while I am away *crossesfingers*

The best part of being a mom are the last minute requests that are thrown at your perfectly scheduled time management plan. This week, in my mind, was supposed to be filled with finishing up laundry, packing, cleaning the house - you know crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's. As the saying goes, the best laid out plans... Monday night at 9pm I heard the frantic cry of "Mom, I need a fruit platter for tomorrow!"  So I shut down the computer and off I trekked to the grocery store.  Wednesday night, the only night where there are no activities, had been booked to take my daughter to a punk rock concert. What was I thinking? It was a school night, the weather was uncooperative and it was LOUD. I sat through 4 hours of musical "bliss", feeling the beat of the music pound in my ears and chest and mentally going through all the stuff I still had to get done before Sunday. Friday night was the annual "End of Year School Bash" at a friend's house that I completely forgot about.

And so where does all this leave me? Well it's Saturday afternoon and I'm still not packed. Our plane leaves in less than 24 hours and I am still pondering if I should buy a bigger suitcase. My laundry is still drying with items that need to find their way into my luggage. And I'm sitting at the tennis courts watching my kids finish their lesson and writing this post. 

Will I get it all done? The stuff I need to do - yes. Everything else?


I'm officially on vacation. 

See you in a couple of weeks with stories of turquoise water, ancient ruins and hopefully a steamy tale of a handsome Greek tycoon!


  1. Just dragging the crap to the car causes me to need another vacation!

    1. i agree wholeheartedly with that comment...

  2. Going away is always exciting, and yes i do agree with you, for me the worst is WHAT TO BRING? I have traveled many times and when i return i always wonder as to why i brought certain " a certain piece of clothing" or the 5 tubes of lipstick ( when i always use one ).....Have a nice flight!!!!!


    1. i am now back and I had the exact same thoughts while away...1/2 of the items I brought were never used. But had I not brought it all, Murphy's Law would have hit and I would have needed something that I took out....